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9 step marketing very easy

1. What understanding of direct sales?
Direct selling is the process of marketing products directly to consumers is usually in the homes of their or other people's homes, at their work sites, places and outside the permanent locations, retailers, usually through the explanation or demonstration of products by a direct seller.

2. What characteristics of direct sales?
using a closed-loop, using ikneratif, the sender of a message intended to influence or change the behavior of consumers.

3. The forms of direct sales!
by cel:
* Single level marketing / marketing one level
* Multi-level marketing / marketing many levels.
forms of direct marketing. marketing through face-to-face, distance learning, direct mail, catalogs, tv.

4. The direct sales strategy:
* Activities to contact potential customers (customer)
* Offer and demonstrate products
* Receive orders and send or deliver goods and collect payment.

things to do direct sales:
gathering sellers, order form, through the media, sales promotion, personal selling, direct sales.

5. The two kinds of examples of direct sales!
Sales over the phone, sales through the tv as lejel home shophing.

6. direct sales scheme is correct.
1. The large trader (wholesaler)
2. The distributor
3. small traders (retailers)

7. advantages and disadvantages of direct sales.
* Advantages: increase the number of sales and fast
* Weakness: can only be conducted on consumers who already use these products and not to attract new users, can not realize the willingness (legality) of consumers to a brand product.

8. what is the purpose of direct sales and direct marketing? :
to know the behavior of kelayat to immediately buy the product because the incentives provided.

direct marketing purposes: to inform customers about the products / services may be required without waiting for the customer
search for information about the product.

9. what are the benefits of direct sales?

* For consumers
comfortable, convenient and private, save time, have a lot of choices, buyers can order the goods as they wish.

* For the seller:
the establishment of relations with consumers, adjust bids, get a response from buyers is higher.
 Read too well: Prepare and operate the measuring instrument properly bray !!
That's about the notion of direct sales, direct sales characteristics, forms of direct sales, direct sales strategies, examples of direct sales, direct sales or chart scheme, advantages and disadvantages of direct sales, direct sales goals, the benefits of direct sales and direct marketing. may be useful .. thanks

Advantages and disadvantages marketing

From several sources I have read, then this is the result that I found the discussion on "Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Merchandising and Public Relations are as follows:
1. Personal Selling
The advantages of personal selling, namely:
· Able to spur companies to get to know the customers directly, so the impact on the collection of information relating to the purchase motives and desires of other consumers or customers.

· Personal selling can be more effective because the elements of the company can direct marketer and know the reaction of customers so quickly because of the elements of a marketer can be done by direct interaction.

· Personal selling can spur marketers elements in knowing the pattern and purchasing processes is volatile or commonly called dengsn trend. For example:
* The number of customers who want to purchase on credit
* The desire of customers to buy with the first sample
* Desire customers prefer when shopping with discounts or other bonuses.
· Deepen: Allows the occurrence of various types of relationships between sellers and buyers.

· Effective (penjualanya detail and demonstration).
· The decision can be negotiated.
· Costs can be adjusted.
Shortage of personal selling, namely:
· Message inconsistent due to differences of knowledge between employees.
· Costs are high.
· The result is low.
· Jangkauanya lower due to broad target market.
· Potentially raises ethical problems among salespeople.

  2. Sales Promotion
- Strengthen long-term relationship with a retailer.

- Sales promotion generate sales response faster and more scalable than advertising.

- Sales promotion allows manufacturers to adjust various short-term supply and demand.

- Sales promotion to encourage consumers to try new products (better than not switch from their usual products already created).

- Sales promotion programs to help producers adjust to various customer segments. Consumers themselves will enjoy the satisfaction of being an astute shopper as they take advantage of the special price.

- Sales promotion tend not to produce a new long-term buyers in mature markets.
- Although most sales promotion improve sales figures, most actually cause harm.
- Sales promotion usually less able to persuade a user-users other brands to move to a brand company.
  3. Direct Marketing
        Advantages of Direct Marketing, among others:
Targeting: Targeting a strategy to choose, select and reach a market. With Direct Marketing is expected of a product / service can reach its target market.
Cost Effective: The cost is much more effective as the sales is done is repeat sales (repeat sales) with a target market that is quite clear.
Flexibility: Direct marketing can be done through various types of media.
Control & Accountability: With Direct Marketing will easily calculated response emerged from the marketing activities in addition to ease of manufacture promotional budgets.
Measures of Effectiveness: With direct media, feedback can be obtained directly from consumers.
Opportunity to Test: With Direct Marketing, research activities price, promotion, and the timing can be easily done.
Consumer Database: Database consumers can easily be formed in Direct Marketing in order to achieve repeat sales from a single customer.
Conversely, the lack of Direct Marketing are:
Image Factors: Direct Marketing is done through sending letters, for example, consumers who dialed at any time through sales or deals can lead to a negative image in the eyes of consumers, especially when consumers need privacy or do not want to be disturbed. The role of the company in view of the time for the consumer is a solution to this problem.
Appropriateness: The level of accuracy of the lists used to designate the intended target market is sometimes too low, because the list is used in accordance with the target market being targeted by the company.
Content Support: Direct Marketing To carry out the necessary amenities and facilities are adequate,
eg on-line telephone facilities, competent human resources and master the information of a product / service which cost the company large enough to provide these facilities.
Rising Costs: The longer the prices for ads that use direct mail media more and more expensive, so many are turning to using internet media.

4. Merchandising
"Merchandising is the activities carried out in and around the store / outlet that aims to accelerate the product to the hands of consumers"

Understanding Internet Marketing and Benefits

Internet marketing or e-marketing is a marketing products and services via the Internet for example, through social media such as facebook and twitter, through Internet advertising services and the most used is through a website or blog for free.
Understanding Internet Marketing and Benefits
The benefits of internet marketing is to simplify our product offering in order to reach consumers from domestic to foreign countries because of the internet marketing everyone terhungung with the network can see the products we sell, of course, access the website or blog.

If you want to try to sell to the internet can start a blog for free and then offer your products on blogs that have dibuat.Tapi not easy and requires expertise specially for it.But using our blog can freely offer our products with ease unlike in advertising on sites that provide advertising space memamg free or paid, and there are more ways to market products on the internet.

In addition you can also create a website with the domain and hosting berbayar.Saya recommend to you that want to create an online store at least buy a domain and hosting because it will be more terpercaya.Tidak only that you also need to create a blog or website to see a visually pleasing and attracting manufacturers to buy products or jasa.Sehingga banya producers who linger on your site.

Most visitors will access through a search google.Untuk it is we need to optimize our site in order to compete in search enginee.Anda could learn seo techniques over the Internet because many who deal with it in full or can also take a course in Place Course Website, SEO, Design graphic Favorite 2015 in Jakarta if it is really serious to learn more on SEO and website.

Once your site can compete in google, it would easily have visitors who came to our site without a pass promosi.Dengan number of visitors will be the possibility of product or service you will be in bargaining by consumers.

Select Affiliate Business Affiliate Business Local or Overseas?

There are various websites on the internet service provider affiliates, ranging from the very famous such as Amazon.com, Click bank, until he came to the local affiliate site.

If you are among those who are confused to choose a local affiliate services or services overseas affiliates, then the following points can certainly be your consideration :).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Local Afilasi

lokalKelebihan affiliate business:

The target market for the product generally Indonesia, so in terms of the culture and way of promotion you will not be too difficult. For promotional language you need to wear only Indonesian. In contrast if you join the Amazon affiliate business, in terms of culture alone is certainly different, automatic Affiliate products you also have to adjust the culture of Americans there.
Payments will usually be through a bank account. That means you do not have to complicated to take care of the check payment, or payment via PayPal.
The Indonesian market is still very wide, aka affiliate business competition in Indonesia is still relatively lower than abroad there. If you are operating an affiliate of Amazon.com, for example, then your competitors will come from various countries in the world.
Meanwhile, the lack of local affiliates, among others:

The product is not as much the affiliate service. Affiliate products available in Indonesia is still arguably losing varied than affiliate products from abroad. Local Indonesian affiliate product usually is an affiliate internet business guide, hosting, WordPress themes, ebook contains guidance and applied science.
Not as famous local affiliate products affiliate services abroad. This is natural, because the business trend of local Indonesian affiliate product then walk the last few years. As with the foreign affiliate business that has long earned the attention of internet business audience.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Services Overseas

negeriLayanan the affiliate business affiliates who come from abroad did look more promising, but that does not mean the service overseas affiliates have no shortage.

Excess affiliate business abroad:

The affiliate service provider is well known, such as PayDotCom, Clickbank.com, Amazon.com, and many more.
The products have been very varied, you can find a variety of product variants if an Amazon affiliate business, ranging from product watches, cameras, sports equipment, electronics and much more. So, do not be confused to find the product you want is affiliated.
Promising more big earnings. It's certainly not ya know, it's just that the commission provided by the foreign affiliate sites usually greater than the local affiliates. However, all returned to how many products that we can sell :).
While shortcomings are:

The level of competition is very high. If you like a challenge, like to compete (in a healthy way of course) then choose a foreign affiliate business was very good. But for some people who are beginners, perhaps overseas affiliate business is not the best choice.
Commission payment methods that are less familiar to most people. Usually the affiliate, pay a commission check, or at least PayPal.
The target market is the people abroad, automatically you would not want to be promoting a product that you Affiliate to people abroad there.

5 advantages Affiliate

1. You Do not Need to Make Difficult Difficult-Products.

Yes, if you are an affiliate marketer is doing even bother to make the product? Lha wong you live market other people's products. So a job as an affiliate marketer is arguably more practical than other internet business profession.

You just search for the product to be marketed, market and promote a product that, after going on sale then you will get a commission from the product-owner. Of course it is highly inversely (very different) with a businessman book / video tutorial, where he had to make the first ebook / video tutorials, then they have to promote it, have to build the brand first, and much more.

Since you do not need to create your own products, you can save time, energy and of course cost. So being an affiliate marketer including business solution that is perfect for you that financial capital is not too big.

2. You Do not Need To Make Web Sales.

Yes, why make the web product sales?

Your job is to bring as many buyers to a sales site that has been created (prepared) by the owner of the product. Surely you have to bring in more buyers through affiliate links you have, because the commission through a link that will be recorded.

If you do not have to make the web sales, again you will be saving time, effort and cost. Quite right? More practical work, and many can be saved anyway?

Examples of product sales website  is my site in the Complete Guide to Making a Blog. So if you something affiliate marketer you do not have to bother making such a web.

Then you may ask, if my web  how I market a product that is affiliated?

Quiet :). You can be marketed their products through social media, through blogs or other media such as forums, You tube, mesangge and more.

3. You Do not Have Busy with Complaints / Questions Buyer.

One of the advantages of being an affiliate marketer is you do not need to bother with any questions or complaints from buyers about the products you are marketing. Because in this case you are not the owner of the product, so people who are fully responsible for the product is the owner and creator of the product. Your job is only as an intermediary, so you do not need to busy-busy answering questions buyer.

Let's just say that your product is a product marketed guide to create a website, now as an affiliate marketer you do not have to be clever to create a website, so if it guides readers asked technical things about the website then you just point the questioner that the owner of the product.

How? Interesting and tasty ya so an affiliate marketer?

4. Enough Marketing.

Yes tasks an affiliate marketer is simply market and seeks to enable the sale of such products, so other matters not be your responsibility. Automatic, time and effort will not be wasted to take care of things like delivery, check payment, and so forth.

But do not take an easy way of marketing goods / products yes, you still have to practice every day. If you have never practiced and be prepared to act will be an affiliate marketer is "barren" and can not generate any sales.

5. Smaller Relative Risk.

Knowingly or not, the risk of becoming an affiliate marketer clearly smaller than if you become a creator or owner of the product (merchant). You have nothing to lose though the product does not sell, because you're just trying to market. Try to compare if you've created a product to bother, sacrificing a lot of time, investing here and there ( for advertising costs, costs for the web) but instead the products are not salable.

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8 step marketing strategy

1. Focus on solutions

This is what the customer really wanted. And when there is demand, half of your marketing work successfully. Products and services that have a high demand for attention first and more often. Give your target market what they want or what they are interested to see. Offer something that seemed to shout "I'm a problem solver," or "I'm a quick solution", and your message will get noticed.

2. Aiming at a target market

Marketing that does not reach the target will be classified as waste, inefficient or junk (as in "junk mail"). Event marketing is reaching its target audience relatively attractive, effective and highly efficient. The key is to give your target market something that appeals to them. If you are a citizen who is already middle-aged interested in classical music, brief news about the release of the latest music from the band's rock-and-roll will not be the most interesting - so that citizens are not part of your target market.

3. Use headings and sub-headings

Make these titles (and subtitles) provocative, thought provoking, extreme and totally unexpected. One of the best news I have ever seen - I know a lot of attention - is "Things the Government Will not Tell You About Terrorism." One more interesting similar concern is "7 Mistakes Banks Make Every Day." Both of them will get attention and make people want to read more.

4. Have a very clear message

Graphic is able to attract attention, but it is not the only tool to communicate your message. Do not let visitors only see the image on the ad! Expert famous advertising, David Ogilvy once said, "I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form but as an information medium. When I write an advertisement, I do not want you to know that just tells me creative. I want you interested until you buy the product. "You can not make other people pay attention to the messages being boring or unclear.

5. Try a marketing strategy through extreme message

The fact is, the extreme marketing work. Negative things and mistakes actually get more attention from the public. Here is an example of a title or message is getting attention because of their extreme nature:

- How Burying Company In One Week

- How to Make Sales 10 Percent More Energy Efficient

- How to Grow Profit 0.005%

All of this title will probably attract attention and make you want to read because of their extreme nature.

6. Use promotional strategies are interrelated

This is another way to get attention, especially occurs among content marketers today. Simply put, the information offered as an incentive for new contacts. "Linkages" This is in prospect! adjust your marketing to further communication. Here are some examples of this connection:

Contact us today for a free mortgage loan calculations.

Download free ebook recipes that use spices and seasonings us.

Stop by today for a free vase for flowers on Mother's Day.

All of this association offering something of value to potential customers that are interested. They all not only give you a piece of his attention but will improve the response to you as well.

7. Utilize objects, shapes, and sizes of unusual

Another thing to consider when you want your product to be known and remembered is to create something with a different size or different colors or do not like the format in general. It includes pieces of letters, colors or messages that extreme, oddly shaped and chose an unusual time to approach your target market, such as talking about Christmas in the spring. Carlsbad Brewery never dropped a fake passport in the subway system of New York City to inform their target market of new products to be launched. Looking for a passport on the subway completely unexpected; it's not something that you can see every day that the message Carlsbad also successfully got the attention of its target market.

8. Answer directly "What's in it for the prospect?"

Holiday Inn Express motels advertise that they have a "showerhead number one based on customer ratings." Have you been asked to assess a shower? Holiday Inn find this important for their target market and communicate this message directly to them. You can listen and read all about the features of the Holiday Inn Express, but heard about the number one customer ratings showerhead of this is something that all visitors want.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of marketing on the Internet is done by way of selling products owned by someone else, be it a digital product or products in physical form. Revenues will be earned blogger when the sale of a unique link that has been provided by the merchant to us. Usually the earnings provided by the business owner is the commission system that magnitude is usually determined in advance by the owner of the product or merchant.

Simply put, if linked to the reality of the real world, then an affiliate marketer is a broker or intermediary. But the difference is, if in the real world an ordinary broker earns a commission of 1% -10%, then an affiliate marketer on the internet generally get an average commission of 25% -80% each time managed to sell the products of its affiliates link.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing Business

For a beginner blogger, would run the affiliate will bring many benefits. One of them are free or cost of capital (of course in addition to the cost of modems and coffee). For a chance to get a partner party affiliate provider is quite large, the sheer numbers.

From overseas sites, we can follow the affiliate program that has been popular is Amazon.com, ClickBank.com, CJ.com, and others. As for the domestic sites a few party affiliate program provider is promising and reliable among Lazada.co.id, Bhinneka.com, Ratakan.com, and others. In addition to partnering with the leading provider of affiliate earlier, we also can follow the affiliate program of sales of electronic books are now also there are many and can be trusted.

In addition to earning, running affiliate marketing business will also help in building a blog beginner bloggers become more professional. Blogs that need content must necessarily always be updated. Well now we have no idea of ​​writing, then by finding the products from the affiliate program that followed it would appear a lot of ideas for your blog posts.

It should be noted that In Business Affiliate Marketing

To run this affiliate business, we must consider several things:

First, we must pay attention to the keyword or keywords blog content that we will create, in the blogging world it is called a niche blog. Some affiliate providers such as Amazon, Lazada, or Unity will notice a few blogs with specific niche, usually a review article. Review here means we will promote the products of the company earlier (Amazon, Lazada, Bhineka) by writing product reviews on blogs niche we build.

Second, to review a product with both of us have to pay attention to the quality of writing a review that we make. Do not necessarily just copy the product description to the post. If possible, change the words into the language or words of your own without any element of an ad campaign. In this way we will usually gain the trust of readers and partners that the text actually writing a review and not a promotional article.

Third, in each posting a review is made, we have to provide a link or affiliate link and give words that can lead the reader transaction. Every time a visitor clicks the affiliate link will be redirected to the merchant. And if they make a purchase from an affiliate link, then we will get a commission in accordance with predetermined.

Problems and Challenges Affiliate Business

In any business, including affiliate business, there must be the name of the problems, challenges or risks. Problems and challenges in this affiliate business itself is a technique to make the article you must know the subject matter.

Not easy to make a review article or sales page for product promotion, besides we have to adjust to problems in society, sometimes we also have to adjust well to the request of the affiliate providers. Thus the article or sales page that we make must be comprehensive or thorough look by describing things from what is happening in the community with the suitability of the product and the company's request, if there is one.